“We not only ensure a faster recovery but allow you to become even stronger than before”

Physio mechanics TAKANINI has an onsite gym with a range of different cardio and weights equipment for both our patients and members of the public to use. Whether your goals are injury rehabilitation, weight loss, or to get stronger for work or sport, our team can tailor an exercise programme to meet your specific needs. We also offer personal training, programme design, goal setting, and regular assessment if requested.

Physio mechanics is also heavily involved in ACC vocational rehabilitation. This involves intensive hands on and gym based strengthening, for individuals that have had a severe accident stopping them returning to work. If you are going through this contact us immediately.


How much does it cost?
    $10 per week if joining for 8 weeks or longer.
Are there joining fees or contracts?
    No joining fees or contracts involved.
What equipment do you have?
    Cardio equipment – treadmill, exercycle, crosstrainer and rowing machine.

    Machine weights – multigym for lower limb – leg press, calf press, hamstring curl, multigym upper limb – lat pulldown, cable row, tricep extensions, bicep curls, chest press, shoulder press

    Free weights and other equipment – dumbells from 1kgs to 20kgs, barbell to 100kgs, swiss balls, foam rollers, wobble boards, steps, benches, stability balls, Oovs for core stability training
What support can I get while in the gym?
    Whatever you would like. Some members want to be left alone to do their own thing. Others want a full initial assessment, goal setting and programme design, personal training and supervision, regular assessment and programme progression. Whatever your needs, we will be there to help.


  • No joining fee
  • Various membership duration available
  • Personal training and programme design available
  • 88 Great South Road, Takanini

Opening Hours
  • Monday to Friday - 7am-7pm
  • Saturday - 8-AM-1PM
- "It is almost like a personal gym. It is a great quiet space with all the equipment I need to reach my targets. There is always help at hand to keep my programme interesting and challenging".
"I love going to the Physio Mechanics gym - it is convenient, great value, and I have access to any additional services like massage or physio. The staff there are so friendly and they keep me on track so I get the most out of my sessions"