Neck Injuries

The Neck:


The neck is constantly under stress supporting our heads. Collisions, bad posture and even an uncomfortable night’s sleep can cause serious ongoing discomfort.

The cervical spine is made up of 7 vertebrae. The base of the skull rests on the C1 vertebrae, and it extends to C7 which is the prominent bone at the back of your lower neck. Between each bony vertebrae is a cervical disc which acts as a shock absorption cushion. A complex series of muscles overly these joints connecting the neck to the skull, shoulder and mid back.

With an acute injury, for example a whiplash, sudden jarring or external force, or from repetitive strain or overuse, any of these structures can be damaged, starting a cascade of events. This can result in pain, loss of range of motion, muscle spasm, joint stiffness, weakness or pins and needles, overall limiting your ability to function with normal activities of daily living.


How Physio mechanics can help:

If left untreated minor neck injuries can cause long term complications. Physio mechanics can help. On your first visit we will perform a thorough initial assessment allowing us to confirm your diagnosis and answer any questions you have. From there we will devise an individualised short term treatment plan to relieve your current symptoms, and a long term plan to prevent future reoccurrences.

Common neck physio treatments include massage, trigger point release, cervical/thoracic joint mobilisations, postural education, K taping, and stretching and strengthening exercises. If you are suffering from any neck aches or pains ring today and arrange an appointment with one of our expert staff.


Some common injuries we treat are:

Facet Joint sprain – a facet joint sprain is common and usually occurs from a compression type injury between 2 joints at a level in your neck. When this happens the cartilage between these joints are pinched and an inflammatory process begins. Painful movements are usually those that further compress these inflamed joints, eg. a right sided facet joint sprain may mean you cannot bend your head to the right painfree.

Muscular Spasm –muscle spasm can occur from stress, poor posture or an underlying injury. Usually this will result in deep dull aching and tightness in the neck region.

Acute/Wry Neck – commonly occurs if you have slept awkwardly and compressed down joints in your neck causing inflammation and irritation. Range of motion is severely limited, but physiotherapy can immediately relieve these movement limitations.

Headaches/Migraines – it has been proven that majority of headaches and migraines are of cervicogenic origin meaning they are caused from disruption to the top 3 neck joints causing radiating symptoms into the head. Gentle mobilisation of these vertebrae by a qualified physiotherapist together with reducing the surrounding consequent muscle spasm, can immediately reduce your headache and migraine symptoms.

Physio Mechanics, will quickly and accurately diagnose injuries such as these,
and reduce symptoms both immediately and prevent them returning.
Let us help you.


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