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Available for anyone with muscular or joint aches and pains. No doctor referral is required. Physiotherapy typically involves a thorough subjective and objective assessment of symptoms, range of motion, strength and function. Our experienced physiotherapists will then be able to diagnose the cause of your pain, and develop a rehab plan tailored to your needs..

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a natural form of healthcare that deals with the relationship between the spine and nervous system. Every message to every part of the body goes via the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves). The brain is protected by the skull. In order to allow movement and cushioning, the spinal cord and exiting spinal nerves are protected by the spinal column and small cushioning discs..


Pilates is a no impact body weight strengthening form of exercise that Physio Mechanics provides. You can either do private one on one sessions, with a friend or join one of our many classes throughout the week - during the day, evening or weekend. Single classes, concessions or memberships are available.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has so many benefits including rehabilitation, injury prevention, relaxation and stress relief, lymphatic and circulatory benefits and many more. Nearly everyone would benefit from regular massages. Our massage therapist and physiotherapists at Physio Mechanics can tailor your massage to suit your needs.

Orthotic Therapy

The position of your feet may be what is causing your foot, ankle, knee, hip or low back pain. Physio Mechanics has an orthotic gait scanning machine that you stand on and walk over. It analyses your feet in great detail, compares this to the “normal” and coupled with a biomechanical assessment by our experienced physiotherapist, shows you how this can be causing your pains higher up the kinetic chain. Orthotics are prescription made to you and we can fit these inserts into all of your footwear as long as it has a back to them, so yes ladies, high heels even!

Pinc and Steel

Stacey Dangen, one of our physiotherapists, is a qualified PINC and STEEL pilates instructor. She has been through expert training with both men and women that have battled with cancer and its treatment. Through this she has been able to not only recognize the severe impact this illness has on people, she has been able to guide them away from pain, movement loss, weakness and extreme fatigue, and towards getting them back on their feet faster through pilates. Aside from the obvious health benefits, pilates may also help prevent the recurrence of cancer later in life.

Acupuncture & Dry needling

Dry needling refers to the insertion of a needle into deep muscle tension. It is oscillated back and forward a few times and then comes straight out. Abby and Helen use it regularly during their treatment plans for deeper/chronic muscle relaxation for more longer lasting results. Amelia has post graduate qualifications in acupuncture, which involves shallow insertion of multiple needles into specific points correlating to pain centers. These are usually left for approximately 20 minutes and this is regularly used for pain modulation and injury rehabilitation.

Metagenic Supplements

Physio Mechanics stock Metagenics Products which are practitioner only products of pharmaceutical grade and one of the highest quality supplements you will find in NZ. They are a highly reputable company and their products have shown their superiority in various tests. The main products we stock are magnesium for muscle relaxation and cramp prevention, fish oil which is a natural anti-inflammatory and aids in joint movement, glucosamine which aids in cartilage nutrition and repair.

Visit the Metagenics website

Women's Health Physio

Two of our physios, Imogen and Amelia, have completed further training in women's health physiotherapy. They are able to provide treatment and advice in regards to; urinary incontinence, musculoskeleteal pain during and post pregnancy, rehabilitation after childbirth and prolapse management. Treatment may consist of pelvic floor exercises, manual therapy, and education and advice specific to your condition.


We have many physiotherapy products for sale at our clinic. These are all stocked as they encourage our patients to get better faster and help prevent future re-injury. These include braces, rubs, wheatbags, wobble boards, postural supports, foam rollers, strapping suppplies, swiss balls and many more. We can also order in extra products on demand.

Headaches & Migraines

Headaches and migraines can be debilitating and there are so many factors that can influence this presentation. Owner Abby Greenwood has completed post graduate training in headache and migraine treatment. By mobilisation of the top 3 cervical neck joints and release of myofascial tension, cervicogenic headaches can be greatly improved.

School Clinics

Physio Mechanics currently provides onsite physiotherapy to students and staff at Strathallan, Alfriston and James Cook Colleges. We assist their sports teams, sporting events and can liase with coaches and parents to ensure the best possible rehabilitation is provided. We are looking to expand this service to further local high schools.

Sports Team Physio

Despite being approached by so many sports clubs, this year Physio Mechanics is supporting and providing onsite physiotherapy to Papakura Rugby club. We have also provided our physio services to various touch and Netball tournaments and local school sports days.


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