Pilates is a no impact core strengthening and flexibility exercise class

Do you suffer from low back weakness causing pain?

Would you like to improve your posture or flexibility?

Do you wish you could find an exercise class with no impact that is both fun and social?

If yes, pilates is for you!

At Physio Mechanics we treat not just the symptoms but the underlying cause for your pains. Two very common underlying causes for long term and preventable injury are poor flexibility and having weak core strength. Poor flexibility may be caused by a lack of stretching, overuse of certain muscle groups from work or sport, poor posture or you may have a genetic predisposition. Whatever the reason, poor flexibility will shorten muscles, compress joints, and reduce range of movement.

Your core refers to your deeper abdominal muscles which wrap around your lower back and pelvis creating a “core” linking your upper and lower body. Everything we do during the day, whether it is lifting our kids, throwing a ball, climbing a ladder, or even just sitting behind a computer desk all day, requires our core to be strong to stabilise our spine and prevent injury during these activities. A weak core can be caused by previous back injury, current or previous pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, or poor posture. A weak core will increase shearing forces at the spinal level, accelerate degeneration and coupled with poor flexibility will make you very prone to low back injury.

Physio Mechanics provides pilates classes both during the day, after hours, and even on Saturday mornings. Our pilates instructors are not only expertly trained in pilates, but are also qualified physiotherapists, so they really understand presenting injuries, rehabilitation requirements and can really help get to the core of what you need out of pilates.

Stacey Dangen, one of our physiotherapists, is also a qualified PINC and STEEL pilates instructor. She has been through expert training with both men and women that have battled with cancer and its treatment. Through this she has been able to not only recognize the severe impact this illness has on people, she has been able to guide them away from pain, movement loss, weakness and extreme fatigue, and towards getting them back on their feet faster through pilates. Aside from the obvious health benefits, pilates may also help prevent the recurrence of cancer later in life.

Pilates has helped guide many of our clients, in conjunction with physiotherapy, from pain and injury to optimal function and wellbeing. Start building a strong flexible core and come and book a private session or trial a class today.


What do you do in the class?

    Physio Mechanics pilates classes are mat classes. We use various equipment to recruit different muscle groups, challenge you, and keep up some variety. Such equipment includes magic circles, stability balls, Oovs, foam rollers, therabands and spikey balls.

Should I book a private session or go straight into the classes?

    If you have a current or severe previous injury and/or have never done pilates before, we recommend you book into at least one private lesson so our pilates instructor can assess where you are up to and exactly which exercises you should be doing safely to get the best results. You will also be taught the basic fundamentals of pilates ensuring you are contracting the correct muscles and adopting the correct postures and positions.

    If you have done pilates before and are confident how to contract the core and keep the contraction maintained during basic exercises, you may join straight into the class setting.

How many people are in the classes?

    To ensure it is not cramped and to allow adequate one on one feedback throughout the entire pilates class we only allow up to a maximum of 8 in our Takanini classes and 6 in our Karaka classes. Therefore bookings are essential. If you do not like the group setting, you can book a private 1 on 1 session or even book for you and a friend only to have a session together.

How long are the classes?

    The classes run for 1 hour.

How often should I go a week?

    Anywhere from 1-3 classes a week is recommended to get the maximum benefit, but the more the better. We provide classes 5 days a week. If you are unable to attend as many classes as you would like, you could come to one class a week and take some ideas home to complete at home independently.

What do I wear?

    Whatever you feel comfortable in. For the classes footwear is removed.

What do I bring?

    Just yourselves. We have pilates mats and all exercise equipment used, towels and a water machine. Anything extra you wish to bring, feel free.

What if I need to cancel a class?

    We have a 3 hour cancellation policy where you can cancel any classes before that time. After then you may be charged or forfeit a class on your concession, as we will be securing your spot.

Class Timetable

$17 per class or buy 10 class concession & 11th class is FREE

Takanini Classes

  • 1 hour classes
  • Tuesday 8.30am
  • Wednesday 6pm
  • Thursday 9am
  • Saturday 9.30am

Karaka Classes

  • 1 hour classes
  • Tuesday 10am
  • Friday 9am
  • Saturday 7.15am AND 8.15am

Private sessions for yourself, or you and a friend available also by appointment


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