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The Wrist:

wrist injury

The wrist is a complex area as in the space of a few centimeters, there are radius and ulna forearm bones, 2 rows of 4 carpal bones and then radiating into 5 metacarpal bones - thats 15 bones! Then think about the joints connecting them, the ligaments spanning across these joints, the cartilage pads between them, and the overlying tendons.....

Disruption to any of these complexes, even millimeters of positional fault, whether by external force or repetitive overuse, will lead to frustration with even the easiest of daily tasks - try pushing yourself up from a chair, opening a door handle or pouring your milk into your coffee with a sore wrist - you will quickly be calling Physio Mechanics!

How Physio Mechanics can help

If left untreated minor wrist injuries can quickly become chronic. Physio Mechanics can help. On your first visit we will perform a thorough initial assessment allowing us to confirm your diagnosis and answer any questions you have. From there we will devise an individualised short term treatment plan to relieve your current symptoms, and a long term plan to prevent future re-occurrences.

Common wrist physio treatments include massage, joint mobilisations, neural mobilisation techniques, and stretching and strengthening exercises. If you are suffering from any wrist aches or pains, ring today and arrange an appointment with one of our expert staff.

Some common wrist injuries we treat are: .....

Carpal Tunnel - your carpal tunnel is a connective tissue covering on the anterior side of your carpal bones. These form the floor and roof of your "tunnel", and running within this lies your tendons making your wrist and fingers move, and your median nerve. This carpal tunnel can become compressed from inflammation, pregnancy or overuse, and this may result in compression to the nerve and tendons causing possible pins and needles, numbness and weakness.

Colles Fracture - this is the most common fracture in the arm, and statistics show that 1 in 10 breaks is a Colles fracture. This is a break to your radius forearm bone but very close to your wrist joint line on your thumb side. This will likely put you into a cast for 6 weeks and the comes the secondary complications of joint stiffness and muscle weakness post casting.

Scapho-lunate instability - The scaphoid and lunate are two carpal bones on the radial side of the wrist. They have a ligament that connect the two bones to provide stability. We have ligaments all over our wrists, however this particular area has a lot of loading and is the most common area under stress, therefore can fail.

Physio Mechanics, will quickly and accurately diagnose injuries such as these,
and reduce symptoms both immediately and prevent them returning.
Let us help you.


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